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Conservation Science

19 September 2018

Venue: INTACH, New Delhi
A broad aim of this Master Class is to explore and examine the role and contribution of science to the conservation of cultural heritage.
The INTACH Master Class on ‘Conservation Science’ is a unique programme designed to explore the relationship between science and conservation. It is intended to gain a general version of application of science and scientific methods to conservation approaches and practices. The focus of the Master Class will be on conservation science issues in specific rather than cultural heritage in general. We will examine the issues and challenges related to the conservation science today and for the future. With the help of illustrated case studies, we will discuss how can we build an impactful future for conservation science as a discipline and as practice.
Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this Master class the participants will be able to:
  • gain introduction to scientific solutions to conservation problems,
  • explore conservation practice with scientific support,
  • understand the applicability, use and benefits of scientific knowledge for heritage studies and conservation,
  • promote an inter-disciplinary understanding, responding to the needs and issues of science in conservation practice, and
  • develop an understanding of methods and techniques of using science in conservation.
The Master Class will be taught by the staff at INTACH Heritage Academy and invited guest speakers on specific aspects of the Master Class.
Registration Fees
Rs. 1200 + applicable Govt. taxes. [This includes registration charge, delegate packs, any handouts for the course, refreshments, lunches, tools etc.]
Registration Form
Concessional Charges
  • 10 % less for INTACH members and employees
  • 20 % less for students
For any queries and further details, please contact:
  • Mr. Navin Piplani
Principal Director
  • Ms. Shradha Arora
Programme Associate