INTACH Scholarship 2018

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INTACH Scholarship Awardees 2018

INTACH UK Scholarship Awardees
Ms. Sarah Lawton
Topic: Kinesthetic empathy for co-existence:  Dance Drawing collaboration
INTACH Research Scholarship Awardees
Ms. Ananthi Velmurugan
Topic: Urban Heritage, Mass Tourism, Gentrification and Sustainability in the Boulevard town of Pondicherry
Dr. Kavita Suri
Topic: Intangible Cultural Heritage and changing tribal societies: A Study of Brogpa Tribe of Ladakh  
Ms. Kirti Bhosle
Topic: Documenting the Bahuli Vihiris: the Lost Subterranean Architecture Edifices of Nagpur District
Ms. Prathyusha Nilakantan
The Stapathis and Shilpis of Chettinad: Studying the influence of temple architecture on dwellings of the region 
Mrs. Premalatha Praveen
Topic: Social Manifestation of tribal settlement of Tamil Nadu
Mrs. Priya Joseph
Topic: Fired Brick of South India (Madras presidency region): Hindu Islamic – Arrival of Colonization – British Colonial Era 
Ms. Priyanka Singh
Topic: A Study on the Qanant in India 
Mr. Rajendu Sulochna
Topic: Identification, Preservation and Maintenance of the Ceras of Makotai Inscriptions
Mrs. Sangeeta Bias
Topic: Evolution of Cultural spaces of Sufi Dargah Complexes of India: History, Culture and Continuity of traditions 
Ms. Sumitra Ranganathan
Topic: Towards Sustainability- Documenting the puppetry traditions of Tamil Nadu INTACH Capacity Building Grant Awardees
Mrs. Maalvika Pathania
Topic: The Religious Monuments of Chamba 
Mrs. Nalini Biluka
Topic: Nakkashi Scroll Paintings: Research on Art Historical and Conservation Aspects