August 27, 2014 all-day
Lodhi Estate
New Delhi, Delhi
Asia Europe Network for Creative Economies @ INTACH  | New Delhi | Delhi | India

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Asia-Europe Network of Urban Heritage for Sustainable Creative Economies

Seminar – 27th August, 2014
Aim: The broad aim of the seminar is to understand the relationship between heritage and sustainable creative economies. Content: This introductory seminar will share and disseminate critical aspects related to this approach where sustainability is not only related to urban heritage and development but also to local economies and livelihoods of people who inherit spaces around heritage sites and areas. The discussions will outline the basic concept of creative economy and its implication on cultural expression. It will address the issues of livelihood, social welfare, local economy, sustainable management, and traditional craft skills. The seminar will also throw light on how heritage is a significant economic sector and how it is an important source of employment. Through different case studies some well defined strategies in this field will also be discussed. Seminar Outcomes: Upon the completion of the seminar the participants will be able to:
  • Understand the link between heritage and sustainable economic development.
  • Understand the relationship between local economies and cultural assets in heritage cities.
  • Gain an introduction to the challenges and opportunities for heritage-linked local economies.
  • Identify approaches to design creative ways to generate economic opportunities linked to cultural assets in historic towns and areas.
Speakers: Eminent speakers from the fields of art, heritage and urban development will participate in the seminar. Registration Process: To attend the seminar please register with us by sending your short CV and a few lines outlining your reasons to attend the seminar. Academic enquiries: Mr. Navin Piplani – Principal Director prdr.iha@gmail.com Registration enquiries: Ms. Ritika Khanna – Research Assistant res1.iha@gmail.com