September 3, 2014 @ 10:00 am – September 6, 2014 @ 5:00 pm
World Heritage Cities Management Workshop

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CM – 02WH: World Heritage Cities

3 – 6 Sep 2014
Aim The broad aim of this workshop is to discuss issues and complexities related to the conservation and management of UNESCO World Heritage Cities. Content This 4-day workshop will introduce the concept of World Heritage City in relation to the UNESCO Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage – 1972. Using a range of case studies, we will explore some of the key aspects related to the nomination, evaluation, inscription and management of World Heritage Cities. The workshop will examine the notions of ‘outstanding universal value’, ‘authenticity’ and ‘integrity’ in the context of World Heritage City. The discussions will outline the role of key players and institutions that are involved in the process of nomination, evaluation and inscription. These will include – the State Party, World Heritage Committee, ICOMOS and ICCROM. Special guided tours will be organised to explore the nominated sites of Shahjahanahabd (old delhi) and Lutyens’ New Delhi to assess the theoretical issues and practical challenges discussed during lectures and presentations. Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this workshop the participants should –
  • develop an understanding of the concept of UNESCO World Heritage with specific reference to World Heritage Cities,
  • gain an introduction to the WH Convention and its various aspects,
  • develop an understanding of the basic requirements for the nomination and inscription of a city in the World Heritage List,
  • gain an introduction to the notions of ‘outstanding universal value’, ‘authenticity’ and ‘integrity’,
  • gain an introduction to the role of advisory bodies – ICCROM and ICOMOS in the nomination process,
  • gain an introduction to the key issues which arise in the conservation and management of WH cities,
  • develop an understanding for preparing a Management Plan for WH city,
Speakers The course will be taught by international experts on World Heritage process and invited specialists on the subject in India. Course fee: INR 5000.00 (Indian Nationals), US$ 500.00 (Foreign Nationals) [This includes registration fee, delegate pack, any handouts for the course, refreshments, lunches and field visits.] Contact Academic enquiries to Mr Navin Piplani prdr.iha@gmail.com Registration and administrative enquiries to Ms Devinder Malhi admn.iha@gmail.com