September 25, 2017 – September 29, 2017 all-day
Design, Symbolism and Conservation of Sacred Historic Interiors - I

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25 – 29 September 2017
Reis Magos Fort, Goa, India


INTACH Heritage Academy proposes to host a series of training courses that illustrate the building tradition, design and symbolism employed in the realm of sacred built heritage. The focus will be on key typologies of sacred architecture and spaces in India. A tentative schedule and location for this series of courses will be announced here as and when finalised.

The first workshop in this series will focus on the design, symbolism and conservation of historic interiors in churches, chapels and ancillary buildings in Goa.


The broad aim of the workshop is to analyse the symbolism behind the iconography of the ecclesiastical architecture in Goa and to devise practical solutions for their restoration. The Churches in Goa have a strong colonial background as well as the materials that were used in their construction date back to the late 15th to 17th centuries. The major parts of these old churches have wood as their primary material not only as a structural basis but also part of sculptures and other decorative elements. This workshop aims to first understand the nature of symbolism of the architecture and secondly to evaluate conservation/restoration plans that work in correspondence with the churches’ confidence.


This five-day course is designed to provide an understanding of the symbolism and the restoration of wooden components in the ecclesiastical building. The theory behind understanding the iconography of the structures and its interiors will be supported by illustrative discussions, field visits and practical hands-on sessions. This practical training course will be held at a site representative of the colonial architecture in Goa. This will help illustrate a range of problems in-situ and discuss these issues with experts, fellow participants and traditional woodworkers, carpenters, restorers and experts working with the material. A field visit to an ecclesiastical architecture will demonstrate how some of the issues and problems of wood conservation are being addressed at this particular building.


  1. Understanding the layout and design of the churches
  2. Comprehending the symbolism in church architecture
  3. Learning the use of colours and light
  4. Determining the approaches to conservation from material heritage perspective
  5. Study, Use and Conservation of timber as a structural as well as decorative elements in church architecture


The course will be taught by the staff at INTACH Heritage Academy and invited guest speakers on specific aspects of the course.

Course fee: INR 5000/- (Indian Nationals),   USD 300.00 (Foreign Nationals)

(This includes registration fee, delegate pack, any handouts for the course, lunch and refreshments)

Concessional fee

10 % less for INTACH members and employees

20 % less for students

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