January 14, 2019 – January 17, 2019 all-day
Study, Use and Conservation of 20th Century Materials @ Chandigarh

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Study, Use and Conservation of  20th Century Materials

15 – 17 January 2019

Venue:  Chandigarh


18 January 2019

Venue: INTACH, New Delhi


The course will introduce some of the key philosophical issues and practical challenges which arise in the use and conservation of concrete and 20th century materials in historic buildings.


Concrete is one of the primary material used in the construction of innumerable 20th century buildings. It is therefore critical to understand the building concrete and other 20th century materials, to examine their issues which arise in the conservation of 20th century buildings. A four-day course is designed to provide an understanding on the conservation and use of concrete and modern materials in a 20th century building. The theory behind various uses of concrete as a building material will be supported by illustrative discussions and practical session at site. This will help illustrate a range of problems in-situ and discuss these issues with experts on concrete, fellow participants and masons working at site. A guided tour of the site will demonstrate how some of the issues and problems of concrete conservation are being addressed at this particular building. Specially designed practical sessions will provide a unique opportunity for participants to work alongside traditional craftspeople and gain hands-on experience of working with concrete and modern materials.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course the participants should
  • develop an understanding of concrete as a building material in 20th century buildings,
  • assess the problems and issues associated with concrete and modern materials in buildings,
  • gain introduction to some of the key approaches and techniques to the conservation of concrete and modern materials,
  • start thinking critically about the present and future of traditional building craft skills, especially those related to the use of concrete and modern materials.


The workshop will be taught by the staff at INTACH and invited guest speakers on specific aspects of the course.

Registration Form


Participants can enroll separately for Chandigarh (15 – 17 January, 2019) and New Delhi (18 January, 2019)

Registration Fees

 Rs. 4800 + GST for 4 days
Rs. 3600 + GST for 3 days in Chandigarh
Rs. 1200 + GST for 1 day in New Delhi
  • 10% concession for INTACH members and Alumni
  • 20% concession for students
[This includes registration fee, delegate pack, any handouts for the course, refreshments, field visits, tools etc.] Travel to and from the course venue and accommodation are to be arranged and paid by the participants. Please contact us to know more


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