October 16, 2018 all-day

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‘Smart Heritage’ – Dehradun

16 – 18 October 2018

Venue: Dehradun

“Heritage is of increasing significance to each society. Why this is so is not entirely clear but probably it has to do with the increasing speed of modernization and the scale of change in society. In such circumstances, evidence of past societies can provide a sense of belonging and security to modern societies and be an anchor in a rapidly changing world…Understanding the past can also be of great help for managing the problems of the present and the future” (UNESCO, 2013). As the current ‘Smart City’ plans have resulted in many new developments in different facets of living like mobility, security, management, energy, health, etc. In retrospect, the heritage of the city remains ‘protected’ from change and invariably becomes static. Many fail to realize that Heritage by nature is a dynamic concept that includes not only the building but also emotions, history, stories, traditions, economies and social functioning. Hence if the city is on a path to becoming ‘Smart’ heritage too should redefine in order to “help manage the problems of the present and the future”.
The first step was taken in 2014, during a joint meeting at the International Biennial of Art and Heritage Management (AR&PA) in Valladolid, Spain about ‘India-Spain Co-operation in the field of Heritage Conservation and Management’. It was then the committee of the roundtable conference coined the term‘Smart Heritage’.During the conference, INTACH suggested initiating a programme wherein a group of heritage experts, with diverse approaches, would debate about challenges faced by heritage and the acts of heritage preservation and promotion in the wake of changing global scenarios, specifically in the case of ‘Smart’ cities. The idea was born out of an objective to transform these debates into a collection of ‘essential lessons’ to deliberate on “smart heritage in smart cities”.
The general aim is to organize a three-day workshop to understand and develop broadly the concept of ‘Smart Heritage’; analyze the meaning of ‘Smart Heritage within a Smart City’ and prepare a methodology for its application within the management of a ‘Smart City’.
The operational objective is to create awareness and initiate a dialogue around the concept of “Smart Heritage” in Smart City. The workshop will also endeavor to make ideas like community participation, e-governance, and new operational technologies popular. The workshop will also try to engage the participants to provide solutions and devise methods to make heritage ‘smart’.
Upon completion of this course the participants should be able to:
  • Understand the concept of Smart Heritage
  • Apply the concept in to produce a dossier of recommendations of the lessons learned in order to be transferable to other Smart Cities in India.
  • Recognize the aspects of a Smart Heritage within a Smart City
  • Critically analyze the historical assets in cities as well as finding practical solutions to bridge the gap between heritage and urban development.
Academic inquiries:
Mr Navin Piplani pd.iha@intach.org
Administrative and Registration Inquires:
Ms Sukriti Gupta tra1.iha@intach.org

 Smart Heritage Dehradun