November 6, 2017 – November 8, 2017 all-day
An introductory course on INDUSTRIAL HERITAGE:  Assessing India's Industrial Heritage

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6 – 8 November 2017 

Venue – Surat, Gujarat

The broad aim of the course is to discuss the issues and complexities related to unraveling the Industrial Heritage in India and will introduce some of the key philosophical issues and practical challenges which arise in this process.
Industrial sites are important milestones in the history of humanity, marking humanity’s dual power of destruction and creation that engenders both nuisances and progress. They embody the hope of a better life and is an aspect of its cultural heritage. Our industrial heritage includes not only the mill and factory but the social and engineering triumphs spawned by the new technologies. Rapid technological advances and the striping of certain deposits have rendered most industrial sites obsolete. Will the future of industrial heritage then be either to save it from abandonment or destruction or simply preserve or adapt it to new purposes? A three-day course is designed to provide an answer to above questions in relation to aspects such as its management, communities associated and intangibility and its living heritage. Through this course, the participants will understand different approaches which can be adopted for the management of such sites. The philosophy and significance of industrial heritage will be supported by illustrative discussions and site visit. To link in all above-said aspects, a guided tour of one of such important industrial heritage will be undertaken.
Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, the participants should
  • develop an understanding about Industrial Heritage,
  • assess the problems and issues associated with its preservation, restoration and adaptive reuse,
  • gain introduction to some of the key approaches and techniques to the preservation of Industrial Heritage,
  • start thinking critically about the present and future of Industrial Heritage of India and its management.
Collaborating Partners
Raman Bhakta School of Architecture, Surat
Students, Young Professionals, Conservation experts, heritage consultants, sociologists, anthropologists and interested individuals.
The course will be taught by the staff at INTACH and invited guest speakers on specific aspects of the course.
Registration Charge:
Rs. 3000/-
Concessional fee

20 % less for INTACH members and employees

30 % less for students

Please download the Registration form: Registration Form

Travel to and from the course venue and accommodation in Surat are to be arranged and paid by the participants.
Accommodation may be provided by Raman Bhakta School of Architecture, Surat at a cost. Kindly contact them for further details and bookings.
Contact Mr. Anand – 9979353686
Academic enquiries
Mr Navin Piplani pd.iha@intach.org                    
Registration and administrative enquiries
Ms. Shradha Arora cap1.iha@intach.org / pras1.iha@gmail.com