July 11, 2016 – July 15, 2016 all-day

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11 – 15 July 2016

Venue: Sathyabama University, Chennai
Aim The broad aim of the training program is to discuss the various methods for identification and protection of heritage buildings/zones. Content The faculty training program will help the participants to understand the importance of conservation of historic sites and analyzing their tangible and intangible factors. The discussions and onsite studies will illustrate some of the key methods for identification, demarcation and documentation of heritage zones. Identifying, demarcating and protecting the living heritage building and its precincts will help our country to create a niche in the podium of world heritage. Documentation of the same will highlight heritage value of the past; act as an evidence of honor of our glorious past and pay off official recognition in the International forum. Learning Outcomes The training Programme comprising of two parts with a series of expert lectures and hands on practical experience on site is going to help the participants in:
  • Creating awareness and induce thinking about our past, present and future condition of our historic sites
  • Understanding the importance of conservation, heritage and its values
  • Identifying tangible and intangible cultural values and recording the same with onsite data and sketches.
  • Classifying and marking issues and challenges at site level and documenting the same.
  • Gaining hands on experience and knowledge about how to identify, list and document heritage site and its precincts
Speakers The training program will be offered by experts on various fields of conservation and persons who are associated with INTACH Collaborating partners NIASA Pune and INTACH Heritage club Sathyabama University For any queries and further details, please contact: Mr. Navin Piplani, Principal Director, INTACH Heritage Academy pd.iha@intach.org Ms. Deepalakshmi Jayapal, Faculty Sathyabama University deepamoorthy00@gmail.com Poster