January 20, 2016 – January 22, 2016 all-day
Lodhi Estate
New Delhi, Delhi
INTACH Heritage Academy
Heritage Understanding Course @ INTACH | New Delhi | Delhi | India

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20-22 January 2016

Aim The course will introduce the theoretical basis for understanding, interpreting and conserving natural and cultural heritage. Content We will explore the key issues – what is heritage, why does it matter, how do we value the past, what is of significance in this value system, who are the stakeholders in the field of heritage conservation and what roles various people and organisations perform within it. The discussion will illustrate the notions of ‘value’ and ‘significance’ associated with historic fabric and the ways in which this can inform the approaches to conservation. We will also discuss the concepts of tangible, intangible and living heritage and debate about the future of the past. A specially designed field visit on the final day will help illustrate this broader understanding and conservation of heritage. Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this course the participants should –
  • Develop an understanding of the concept of ‘heritage’ and its manifestation into various types of heritages.
  • Gain introduction to the notions of value and significance associated with cultural heritage.
  • Develop basic knowledge of the approaches to conservation.
  • Get introduced to the role of key stakeholders in the conservation and management of heritage.
  • Start thinking critically about the present and future of historic heritages.
Speakers The course will be taught by the staff at INTACH and invited guest speakers on specific aspects of the course. Collaborating partner INTACH Delhi Chapter Course registration: INR 5000/-  (Indian Nationals),   USD 300.00  (Foreign Nationals) [This includes registration fee, delegate pack, any handouts for the course, refreshments & lunches on two days (except on field visit) and an all-day visit to explore the heritage of Delhi] Concessional registration: 20 % less for INTACH members and employees 40 % less for students Contact Academic enquiries: Mr Navin Piplani pd.iha@intach.org Registration and administrative enquiries: Ms Devinder Malhi admin.iha@intach.org Registration Form