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Heritage Economics

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Heritage Economics

12 – 13 November 2018

Venue: INTACH, New Delhi


A broad aim of the course is to explore the complex relationship of heritage and economics.


Economics plays a critical role in any field, and heritage is not untouched by it. In fact, it is one of the key parameters that drives any heritage conservation project. The course will attempt to address the following key questions: Should conservation be based upon the axiom that, since it is aimed at a cultural not commercial value which is to be passed on to future generations, it should be carried out regardless of costs? Or is conservation, like, alI other things in life, subject to the necessity, on the following propositions, of achieving “value for money”? (Chairman, lnternational Scientific Commit tee on Conservation Economics. U.K) The focus of the workshop is to share an understanding of the concept of  heritage and economics along with issues of livelihood, culture and tradition. We will discuss various ways for generation of economic opportunities linked to cultural assets in an Indian historic town. INTACH Heritage Academy is the hub for an international ‘Asia-Europe Network of Creative Economies for Sustainable Urban Heritage’. With the help of illustrated case studies, the course will highlight the unique concept of heritage-linked creative economies.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course the participants will:
  • gain introduction to the relationship of economics in heritage conservation
  • develop an understanding of the approaches for valuing heritage assets
  • explore the ways of undertaking cost benefit analysis for heritage conservation
  • gain introduction to the concept of ‘creative economies’ and discuss the revitalization of cities through heritage-linked creative economies,
  • start thinking critically about the consideration for economics in heritage conservation.


The course will be taught by the staff at INTACH and invited guest speakers on specific aspects of the course.  

Registration Charge

Rs. 2400/-  + 18% GST 10% Concession for INTACH members and Alumni 20% Concession for Students [This includes registration fee, delegate pack, any handouts for the course, refreshments, field visits, tools etc.]


Academic inquiries
Mr. Navin Piplani – pd.iha@intach.org                                             
Registration and administrative inquiries
Ms. Shradha Arora – cap1.iha@intach.org