April 16, 2017 – April 19, 2017 all-day
'Establishing Conservation Management Plan for the Karikop Cemetery, Nagapatnam' @ Chennai

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17 – 19 May 2017


The aim of the workshop is to provide a consultative forum for Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed (RCE), INTACH Chennai and representatives of the Karikop cemetery in Nagapatnam to enhance a sustainable future of the cemetery as a cultural heritage property. It will involve preparing a comprehensive conservation plan, a management plan, and an execution plan.


The old cemetery is located next to the modern cemetery of the St Peter’s Church and they share the same entrance. The dominant monuments in the cemetery are the large tomb of Anthonia Steelant next to the standing obelisk of Adriana Mossel-Appels and the original entrance arch which is now half bricked. The cemetery presently is in poor condition and also not listed on the ASI list of protected monuments. There is awareness about the significance of the heritage property amongst the representatives of the church as well as the local schools in Nagapatnam, which had initiated a clean-up drive of the cemetery. The objectives of the workshop will be to draw up a proper conservation plan for the architectural objects based on the analysis of the historical background and the existing situation of the property. The conservation plan will consist of an architectural-historical survey; report on the technical state of the objects in words, drawings and pictures; and an execution plan with a technical work specification.


During the course of the workshop the participants will have:
  • Established the key qualities of the cemetery.
  • Made a conservation plan for the architectural objects like for the graves, the tomb of Anthonia Steelant, the Obelisk and the old gateway
  • Drafted a management plan for the cemetery
  • Made a report explaining the choices made


  • Conservation plan (Includes architectural-historical survey, report on the technical state of the objects in word, drawings, and pictures)
  • Management Plan (For the cemetery and its components)
  • Execution Plan (with a technical work specification)


  • Cultural Heritage Agency, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, The Netherlands
  • INTACH Chennai Chapter
  • INTACH Heritage Academy