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We are pleased to introduce the INTACH Journal of Heritage Studies (IJHS). The journal has been established to present in-depth recent research on a topical theme from the perspective of heritage and policy making. The Journal aims to encourage critical thinking and debate over the meaning of heritage and its relevance for society at large. It is an interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal. The journal has an editorial advisory board and a peer review panel. We plan to publish two issues every year. The inaugural issue of the IJHS Vol.1 2015 focused on ‘Approaches to Conservation in India’. The second issue, Vol. 2 focused upon ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in India’.
The IJHS ‘Call for Abstracts’ for Vol.3 will be on the theme of WATER. The following topics are broadly suggested:
  1. Water’s Influence in Shaping Indian Civilization, Culture, and Polity- The river valley civilizations, rituals, and rivers, prosperity based on varied ancient irrigation works in various parts of India.
  2. Colonial Rule and the Transformation of the Indian Waterscape.
  3. Survey of the Water Sector after Independence and Emergent Issues:
    • Continuation of colonial policies, the impact of green revolution, role of ground water in sustaining agriculture and urbanization, the big dams and opposition, climate change impacts, emergent issues and alternate scenarios.
  4. Water Resources and Climate Change in India: The unfolding scenario of water resources in India under emerging climate change, in simple terms without scientific jargon and with maps.
  5. The Future of Indian Rivers: Survey of River scenario, dams, river linking, business as usual scenario, alternate scenario.
  6. Water in India: The Legal Perspective: Origins of customs, statutes, cases, rivers and ground water, pollution law, Draft National Water Framework Law, prognosis.
  7. An Alternative Water Scenario: The way forward.
We are issuing a ‘Call for Abstracts’ (500 words) from scholars/researchers / practitioners in the water sector. The authors of the abstracts selected will be asked to submit their full paper for publication.
The Editors of INTACH Journal of Heritage Studies shall consider papers on the following conditions:
  • The paper is original work and does not duplicate any previously published work, including your own.
  • The paper has been submitted only to INTACH Journal of Heritage Studies; it is not under consideration or accepted for publication elsewhere.
  • The paper contains nothing that is abusive, defamatory, obscene, and fraudulent.
Abstracts to IJHS should:
  • Include an appropriate title which is indicative of the content of the abstract.
  • Describe in a concise manner the purposes and results of the research so that its quality, originality, and comprehensiveness can be evaluated.
  • Use abbreviations in the body of the text if they are defined at their first mention in the text.
Authors should note that:
  • The accuracy of the abstract is the responsibility of the author.
  • They should prepare and proofread their abstracts carefully prior to submission.
  • No abstracts will be accepted after the submission deadline.
  • The word limit for the abstract is 500
  • The last date for submitting abstracts is 24 May 2017
We request you to circulate this invitation widely. For Enquires please feel free to contact:
Mr. Navin Piplani: pd.iha@intach.org or
Asst. Editor:
Ms. Manisha Singh: Virasat@intach.org
Ms. Ananya Pramod: res1.iha@intach.org