About IHA

Page Updated (October 31st, 2016) @ (03:25 pm)

INTACH Heritage Academy, formerly Centre for Conservation Training and Capacity Building, is envisioned to be a centre of excellence for training and capacity building in the conservation and management of cultural heritage in India. The Academy aims to strengthen the implementation of the mission and objectives of INTACH across the sub-continent and in the wider international context. It is the first of its kind in the country, running programmes for training and capacity building in all aspects of heritage conservation and management. The Academy is based at the INTACH headquarters in Delhi and complements the initiatives and activities taken up by other Divisions and Centres run by INTACH. The main objectives of the Academy are to:
  • Encourage capacity building by developing skills through training programmes
  • Develop guidelines for conservation training at various levels
  • Promote and undertake research and documentation of traditional knowledge systems and building craft skills
  • Offer special courses on conservation and management of cultural heritage places
  • Connect the training and capacity building needs and potentials across the Divisions and Chapters of INTACH.
IHA will focus on the training needs and capacity-building potentials of conservation specialists academic institutions authorities, departments and organizations (Government and Non-government) craftspeople and the general public and communities. The inter-disciplinary nature of courses and programmes offered by the Academy will encourage a wide range of participants from within the sub-continent and overseas. The Academy will work in tandem with other divisions, units, centres and chapters set up by INTACH and respond to national, regional and local needs, concerns and potentials.