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Heritage, People and Law

14 November 2018

Venue: INTACH, New Delhi
The broad aim of this master class is to introduce the participants to the understanding of heritage regulations and policies related to protected and unprotected heritage sites and interpreting them to implement and make a strong case for protection and preservation. 
India is a diverse country with vast heritage. People from different countries, religions, cultures, dynasties have peacefully co-existed in India for several centuries. It has shaped up India’s large and unique heritage. However, there are currently about 3650 ancient monuments and archaeological sites and remains under the protection of Archaeological Survey of India. To make the situation worse, the heritage falling in the more popular areas are in good upkeep, but the heritage in remote towns and villages are not even maintained properly. With sudden “development”, the natural and built environment has been under tremendous pressure; hence a lot has been destroyed already. Heritage protection through legislation and regulation is probably one of the reasonable way to preserve heritage.  The need for understanding of Acts, Laws, Legislation, Regulation and Public Interest Litigation as a tool to conservation has led to the development of this master class.
Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this Master class the participants will be able to:
  • develop an understanding of the Heritage Legislation and Regulations
  • gain introduction to the notions of value and significance associated with various nuances of heritage
  • develop basic knowledge of the approaches to legal aspects in conservation
  • start thinking critically about the present and future of heritage in the view of legislation and policies
The Master Class will be taught by the staff at INTACH Heritage Academy and invited guest speakers on specific aspects of the Master Class.
Registration Fees
Rs. 1200 + applicable Govt. taxes. [This includes registration charge, delegate packs, any handouts for the course, refreshments, tools etc.]
Registration Form
Concessional Charges
  • 10 % less for INTACH members and employees
  • 20 % less for students
For any queries and further details, please contact:
  • Mr. Navin Piplani
Principal Director
  • Ms. Sneha Kishnadwala
Capacity Building Assistant