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Smart Heritage Think Tank

The term ‘Smart Heritage’ was coined in Spain at a joint meeting at a round table in 2014 at the International Biennial of Art and Heritage Management (AR&PA) in Valladolid, Spain about ‘India-Spain Co-operation in the field of Heritage Conservation and Management’.

During the conference, INTACH suggested a proposal of a group of heritage experts, with diverse approaches which would debate about challenges faced by heritage and the acts of heritage preservation and promotion in the wake of changing global scenarios, specifically in the case of ‘Smart’ cities. The idea was to transform these debates into a collection of ‘essential lessons’ to deliberate on smart heritage in smart cities.

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Image Credits:
AR & PA, Biennial of Heritage Restoration and Management



Techniques and Instruments for Conservation of Monuments and Artefacts


Venue: INTACH, 71 Lodhi Estate, New Delhi 
Date: 06 – 07 February, 2017


The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India proposes to host a 2-day workshop that will bring together experts from ASEM countries working in the field of heritage conservation. The workshop will be held in New Delhi and co-hosted by the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH). INTACH will be the ‘Knowledge Partner’ for this workshop.

Conservation of cultural heritage is a crucial area that needs urgent and worldwide attention. While the field is growing in multiple dimensions and directions, the gap between theory and practice is widening. This gap has its own specificities with regard to conservation approaches and practices in regional contexts. Some nations are taking big leaps in technology and techniques, while others are continuing with practices that have culturally evolved on the basis of traditional knowledge and craftsmanship.


A broad aim of this workshop is to share the advancements in conservation techniques and instruments, both traditional and modern, amongst the ASEM countries and create an environment of shared learning and progress.


The focus areas of this workshop will be: Conservation of historic buildings and arte facts found in museums and art collections (including wall paintings, textiles, paper, paintings etc).

Some of the key objectives of this interactive workshop are:
a) Exchange of knowledge, skills, instrumentation and technologies,
b) Develop opportunities for joint collaborative projects and research,
c) Explore possibilities of developing local solutions and production units,
d) Capacity-building in modern scientific techniques for conservation,
e) Develop projects focused on methodologies of using modern equipment, advanced techniques, new materials etc.; and
f) Address issues related to documentation, archiving, interpretation, conservation and management of heritage.

The workshop will highlight the importance of heritage conservation in the agenda for development, management and maintenance of rural and urban environments. Another important area of focus will be the development of museums, conservation laboratories, display, storage techniques and facilities along with materials & equipment used for conservation.


The target participation for the workshop includes:

• Government agencies, Cultural practitioners, Professional organizations
Academics, Non-Governmental organizations, Conservators, Curators, Industry Representatives, Researchers and Students

• Leading business partners that could contribute to the objectives of the
workshop may also be invited to support and participate in the workshop


The structure of the workshop will include theoretical presentations and interactive sessions. Parallel sessions on conservation of art and conservation of buildings will be organized. Participating experts from ASEM countries will share their knowledge and showcase latest technologies and instruments, using illustrated case studies and conservation projects. Practical sessions will cover application of scientific research into conservation planning and practice.


The workshop will be conducted by invited eminent national and international experts on the subject matter.

For all enquiries

Mr. Navin Piplani

Principal Director, INTACH Heritage Academy

For application 

Please send in your Curriculum vitae and a brief expression of interest (about 500 words) highlighting the following:

a) Education and experience in the field of heritage conservation

b) What do you hope to gain from attending the workshop?

c) In what way do you think you may contribute to the workshop?